Adult Class for 2020

작성자: 최고관리자 | 작성일: 2019년 1월 29일 | 조회수: 8,493회

Congratulations on joining the Korean Language School of Melbourne(KLSM) community.  KLSM runs the largest adult Korean teaching program in Victoria, providing diverse experience that combines language, culture and everything else you need to know to communicate effectively. Please read the entire letter thoroughly and familiarise yourself with the KLSM community.

1. Class

Level Textbook Time Venue
Beginner Sogang Korean 1A Saturday Morning
9:30AM - 1:00PM
(3 hours/week)
Elementary Sogang Korean 1B
Intermediate 1 Sogang Korean 2A
Intermediate 2 Sogang Korean 3A
Advanced Sogang Korean 4A

You may change to a different level within the first two(2) weeks of the term if you think it would be a better option. Please contact the school at to discuss the matter.

2. Textbook

Textbooks <Sogang Korean> (One set consists of Student Book, Workbook and CD) can be purchased in class from your teacher in cash only.($45 AUD) Please bring the cash amount to make the purchase on the first session of the term so that you can get a head start on studying.

3. Term Dates

Term 18 Feb ~ 28 Mar
Term 218 Apr ~ 27 Jun8 Jun close school, Queen's Birthday (10 Jun)
Term 318 Jul ~ 12 Sep
Term 410 Oct ~ 12 Dec2 Nov close school, Melbourne Cup (5 Nov)

4. Fee

You will receive an invoice for your student fees from your teacher around the start of the semester or the term. Ensure your fees are paid by the due date on the invoice to avoid any penalty. The fee is as below, and terms and conditions apply.

Tuition fees Saturday Morning Classes $540 AUD/Semester
  • A non-refundable administration fee of $25 AUD is applicable for newly enrolled students. Continuing students do not need to pay the administration fee.
  • Payment Methods: Cash, Bank Cheque, Credit card (2% service charge applicable), EFTPOS or online banking (preferred method)
  • When transferring online, please provide your name and class on the description

Bank Details

Korean Language School of Melbourne
BSB: 063 588
Account: 1000 6750

Terms and Conditions

  • All school fees are payable on a per semester basis. However, students enrolling in the second half of a semester are required to pay for the enrolled term only.
  • Should a student wish to discontinue KLSM due to personal circumstances after term begins, a written statement should be submitted to the Principal teacher within the first three(3) weeks of the term with relevant documents to support the circumstances (if applicable). If the request is granted by the principal, 50% of the school fee already paid may be refunded. the first three(3) weeks of term, the refund of the school fee will not be granted in any circumstance.
  • For further information on terms and conditions,
    please go to

5. Contacts

1) Campus Location

The campus is located at 577 St. Kilda Rd. Melbourne VIC 3004, the Seniors Lecture Hall across the swimming pool on the Wesley College campus.

Please enter Gate 3 via Punt Road. Limited free parking spots are available. For further information,
please refer to the below map or go to


2) Website

Please visit the KLSM adult class Facebook community and share your ideas, questions and information freely! Only the current or previous KLSM Adult Class students can join the online community.